Thank you for interest in my blog site, I’m A Realtor!

Please read carefully and understand before you email or request to advertise on my site.  I look carefully and review any website before it advertise on my website.  I make sure their is no obscene or any redirect to any other website. Your site has to professional and respectful. I want your site to offer information and help to any Real Estates needs.  Please respect my request and for any of my readers.

If you want to advertise on my site, this is my requirements.

1. No personal Blog Site
2. No Personal Website
3. No Dating Site
4. No Adult/Pornography
5. No Selling personal materials items. (Shoes, Clothes, Cars, Etc.)
6. No redirecting to another site. If you have a banner on my site and you change the code, I will automatically delete your account and no refund.

The size requirement for my blog site.

Banner 1: 468 x 60 jpg, gif or flash


Banner 2: 125 x 125 jpg, gif or flash

Banner 3: 88 x 31 jpg, gif, flash

If you have any questions or interest in advertising on my site, please email me.


Thank you…
Steve Emanuelli