Im A Realtor


My name is Steve Emanuelli, I’m the author of this site.  I decided to have this site made for all Realtors and anyone who has interest with Real Estate.

I’m A Realtor is all about you and the service you provide. This is design to express your thoughts and giving back to the one who needs your help. I want this site to be nothing but fun, funny, interesting, education and most of all great service. I’m A Realtor is here for your eyes and ears, to see and learn. This site will be design for you to add your thoughts and opinion. Please do…

I’m A Realtor will be design in different subjects, interesting websites, Realtors, funny, laws, and real estate interest. There is so much more I can add tot his site. Please feel free to write me and tell me, what you would like to see on this site. I would love for you to tell everyone or even better, see this site first when you wake up in the morning. This site will never end with information. I’m A Realtor will have no ending.

I’m A Realtor will have a great future. I have great plans for this site. I want this site to have character and most of all, a no ending story.  In the future, I’m planning to add…. Mmmmm….  I rather surprise you, then tell you.  You will enjoy to visit my site daily.

This site will help Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, Insurance service and Home Repair Service.  I want this site to be all about giving. I was site to help others, who needs that start in the career. Real Estate is not easy, but it not hard. This site will eventually talk to you and hold your hand, step by step. This site will guide you to cash those checks. I told my designer and programmer, I want this to do only one thing… TO give Back!  Everyday and every minute, a direct deposit to your success.

Im A Realtor…..  Steve Emanuelli